Product FAQ

How easy is it to install the Samsung LED Mirror TV?
The Samsung LED Mirror TV installs exactly the same as regular TV. You just hang it on the wall with a slim profile wall mount and you’re all done! You may want to string the cables back through the wall for the best appearance. Alternatively, you can hide them with cable covers, which attach to the wall and can be painted to match it.

How good is the sound quality?
The frame and glass don’t block any of the sound, so you get the same high quality sound you’d get from any other flat screen TV.

How good is the picture quality?
Our Samsung Mirror TV have 1080P picture quality with full, vibrant color. Unlike other companies, we combine the brightest, thinnest televisions on the market with the most transparent mirror available to deliver uncompromised picture clarity.

Do I need to use a special wall mount?
We have researched and tested many different mounts to find the best one for a mirror TV. We recommend an ultra slim flat wall mount, preferably one that will keep your TV within 3/8″ of the wall for a seamless appearance. In addition, this will keep the reflection as flat as possible (see pictures below and to the right).

If you use a normal wall mount it will hang several inches away from the wall. A tilting wall mount can be used, but it will push the TV further away from the wall and may have slight waviness, similar to the appearance of a tempered mirror. When possible, we recommend using an ultra slim flat wall mount from Chief, Peerless, or Sanus for the best possible appearance.

How do I hide the cables?
For the best installation, string the cables back through the wall to hide them. Alternatively, you can use cable tunneling, which can be painted to the match the wall. You can easily find cable tunneling at your local Home Depot or A/V installer.

What frame profile do you use?frame profile
Most of the standard frames are 3.5″ wide and extend from the viewable area of the TV. They are 2″ deep, which covers the sides of the TV so that it can’t be detected from an angle. We can also customize your TV with a variety of other frame styles to match your style.

What is the advantage of buying the complete Samsung Mirror TV instead of just the glass?
Our Samsung Mirror TV systems are as easy to install as any regular TV and are beautiful pieces of functional art. A custom project where you just buy our glass will require hiring a woodworker or cabinetmaker to frame it up, which can be expensive, require more work on your part, and often takes more time before your mirror TV is ready for use.

How can I see the mirror TV in person before buying?
We sell both the frame and mirror samples so that you can evaluate it before making your purchase. The only visible parts of the TV are the frame and the mirror, so once you have seen them you know what it will look like.

How fast can I get it?
We typically have it ready with the frame of your choice within 1-2 weeks. We also offer an optional 1-2 day rush service where we put all of our other projects aside to get your TV done, which costs $400.