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Fastest build time – custom TVs shipped within 2-4 days!

Our Mirror TV systems are as easy to install as any regular TV and are beautiful pieces of functional art. We carry different kinds of TV mirror glass to fit your project. You always have the option to customize your project and just order our glass. Most glass sizes are in stock and ready to ship immediately.

An ultra thin LCD TV is built directly into the custom sized TV mirror, so you’d never guess there’s a TV hidden behind it until it’s turned on and the television magically appears. We are able to work with you on your project and manufacture nearly any size, from small mirrors to entire walls.

Installation is just as easy as a regular TV, you can simply hang it on your wall and you’re done! Because we are the manufacturer, you can buy directly from us for the best price. You can customize your frame to blend in with the rest of your room from any of our 100+ styles.

Polished edges provide a more contemporary appearance than a frame. When turned off, the TV completely disappears and all you see is the gorgeous mirror. Installs and operates exactly like a regular Samsung TV.

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